"I feel fat". What next?

Season #1 Episode #2

It's here! The first official episode of the No Wellness Wankery podcast... and we are starting with a doozy.

"I feel fat".

‘Feeling fat’ is something Lyndi & Jenna know too well. For Lyndi, it was triggered by a number of things, like seeing a photo of herself where she looked much bigger than she wanted to, feeling uncomfortable in her clothes, scrolling social media and comparing herself to others. Or after a weekend of eating more than she planned or not exercising as much as she wanted. Oh, and a friend losing weight when I didn't could also lead to 'feeling fat'.

Unfortunately, ‘feeling fat’ doesn’t motivate you to get healthy or stay healthy. When you ‘feel fat’, your knee-jerk reaction is to go on a wild diet or bury your head in a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Neither of those things will help long term. But in this episode we unpack some of the things that can can make a difference to your health, without the side serving of body-loathing. 

Plus, we want to end each episode by calling out someone in the wellness world who is doing great things. Yay. Let's do it. 

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