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Boost your health by managing your eating and drinking habits together.

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Stop Struggling with Food

The ultimate guide to help you feel more in control around food

What you'll get:

  • A fool-proof approach to move away from dieting and out-of-control eating

  • Expert advice from Australia's leading dietitian and nutritionist who has helped 1000s stop struggling with food for good!
  • The exact steps to follow when you get the urge to diet or binge. 

  • My simple framework to build balanced meals that'll keep you full and satisfied.
  • 50 of my fave nutritional recipes to simplify mealtimes


What People Are Saying:

Sooo many lightbulb moments. You have honestly changed my life! p.s the recipes are DELICIOUS!


The freedom I have felt around food since starting is phenomenal. Thank you, Lyndi!


LOVE this. Thank you for helping me regain control around food. It feels SO liberating!

Jess B